SS2011 Womenswear



In 2011 , Eve.Lin designed a special holiday womenswear collection. The collection was inspired by English countryside style. The elements include create romantic floral patterns use great amount of laces and also use black tea to dye the fabric into a retro/vintage style.

The silhouette of the outfit is very minimal and by adding the floral patterns on the surface to enhance the feminine ‘little madam’ look.

Eve.Lin 2011 設計一系列夏秋限定款, 概念是以英國哥倫比亞花卉市集內的花卉為主, 被英國鄉村氣息以及浪漫的風格影響, Eve.Lin 打破她以往的裁縫簡單大方的款式, 將花卉的概念以及復古風的蕾絲結合,巧妙的組合成這一系列女裝- SHABBY CHIC.

設計外型相當簡單大方, 在將製作好的款式利用最有機的方式下去茶染製造出不同的風味, 也巧妙的利用茶染的Lace 設計成浪漫的花將每朵手縫製衣服上去朔造出這一季所呈現的概念.

/Photographed by lch ljo.