SS2014 Womenswear

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“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.”

-Erma Bombeck

“快樂與痛苦,喜劇與悲劇,幽默與悲傷只在一線之間。” 引言自 Erma Bombeck

The collection is about the contrary between feelings of sadness and happiness in a person (a person’s feeling can has a mixture of bitterness and sweetness at the same moment or perhaps even more…) and to transform the concept of it to the collection, the designer has used color blocks, ribbons, print, embroidering with contrast colors / playing the width of the ribbons to express the collection details and also the composition of the main silhouette.

The key item in the collection is all about layers of shirts, from singular layer of a simple shirt explore into layers of how a shirt can become, it can be transformed into a tunic, a thin jacket, a lengthy dress, and most importantly, it is all about playing a thin line between singularity and multiples. Simple but yet complicated, just like how a person’s complex feeling is meant to be.

The style of the collection will be more focus on shirting design on both womenswear & menswear.

The color way will hold its classic black & white but will also include a series of blue color tones. Eve.Lin will also bring in the signature print design for the label.

The designs in minimal concept and shapes have evolved a new look for spring/summer 14 collection, a hybrid of shirting silhouettes, simple constructions and clean colors. Plenty pieces for layering.

這一設計系列概念為[人]做出發點,由人的反覆無常的情緒內的對比將之呈現在服裝上,在設計上使用了色塊,緞帶,印花以及刺繡的技巧及對比色的使用,將繁複的製作呈現在簡單的服裝上,不但同時強調了[人的情緒] 的對比,也將設計系列的不對稱形狀及細節表現了出來。