AW2012 Womenswear

My dear page turner, a conflicted character whom is tormented by the surroundings with pain, guilt and love, turned into a new inspiration for Eve Lin’s latest muse.

In AW 2012 collection, Eve Lin has introduced a conceptual womenswear/menswear line mixed with shirts, trousers, dresses and coats to her audience.

我的閱譜者,一個被環境所折磨的人物在感受著過去所帶給他的痛苦,愧疚以及愛。這位人物在Eve.Lin的秋冬設計系列被納入設計師的新角色設定,Eve Lin希望能透過詮釋這樣的人格能將他的特質融入服裝內不但可以將這份特別的感受透過設計表達出來之外,設計師也使用了另外的手法去尋找呈現自己的謬思。

/Photographed by Yun-Pei.