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The designer is sitting on the chair, agitated and talking to himself quietly, head looks up and down, thinking and slight frowning.



(With a blank look)

I think… I want to say… this is the time to… well, stop the collection perhaps… just try another direction…

Ah…(drag the end of the word and looked worried)

(Scratch the head, thinking)

I don’t think I can say this right…

(Face look up)

So if I say this, I think I should mention the reason, why the changes? Why now? How did it happen?

(Look down at the hand, thinking still)

Yes, I decided to create a line for menswear since I’ve always have the passion in studying the details of the menswear details, the patterns, the colors… there are just so much in there I am inspired from …


But I still need to talk about the concept, the why…

The reason is …

(Look up and pause)

Scene fade out.


In Spring Summer 2013, Eve.Lin is going to debut her first menswear line to her audience. The collection is named- Pause as in conceptual wise and symbolically.

Pause, has two meaning to the label, as the label will temperately pause its progress of producing womenswear line (as the word in Verb.) and using the concept into a series of menswear collection (using the word as a symbol) .

The style of the menswear collection will stay its classic and minimal cuts and shapes and moreover, the symbol – Pause || will be the print and textiles / details designs for the collection.

The color palate will remain its classic black & white as well as in textile experiments. But the initial look of Eve.Lin minimalism and rational personality will stay with the spirit of the collection.