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Asia – Born Eve Lin graduated in 2009 from Central St.Martin MA fashion womenswear.
In April 2009, Eve showed her first initial collection in her MA degree exhibition. The collection featured eight silhouettes inspired by menswear tailored details. Shown as a static exhibition the collection was in display of creating minimalism to consist with her style and inspiration.After the degree collection, Eve has received great interested and support from the industry in Asia.

In the following collection in 2010, she has continued the concept from the initial collection in 2009 and to bring more refine works and a fresh look for her debut collection- All about Eve.

Eve Lin continued her work and started her own fashion studio in Taiwan. The SS11- Shabby Chic & AW11- geometry gone insane were created and produced from there. Both collections have each individual theme but always with her signature style- deconstruction and reconstruction.

The SS12- Overfold added a new element to the collection- Geometry Print. The designer mature the collection in a more contemporary style  and present her concept of a new fashion look.

After SS12, the following AW12, Eve Lin has put a twist of romantic concept into the collection- My dear page turner and as follows, in SS13, the designer has decided to create her first menswear line- Pause series to introduce her new collection.



受到英國男裝歷史文化以及它的製作技術的薰陶下,設計師Eve.Lin將極簡卻帶有女性優雅風格的想法以及男裝的剪裁融合入她的設計概念。簡單銳利的衣型不但強調整個設計極簡的風格外, 她又在同時將男裝的細節像釦洞的設計,袖子的款式以及口袋的配置…等,巧妙的套用在女裝內去襯托出整個設計的質感以及她所追求的風格。